Book: Breath of Life


Rabbi Rachel Timoner’s Breath of Life uncovers the role of God as spirit in Jewish sacred texts, revealing the origins of Jewish spirituality and the Christian Holy Spirit in an accessible and engaging voice that is compelling to Christians and Jews alike.

  • By tracing God as spirit through the Hebrew Bible from a Jewish perspective, Breath of Life offers Christians a fresh look at the Biblical origins and meaning of the Holy Spirit.
  • The origins of Jewish spirituality are usually traced to the Kabbalists in the Middle Ages.  Breath of Life shows that Jewish spirituality began thousands of years earlier, with the first words of Torah.
  • Many spiritual traditions center on the breath.  Breath of Life explores the relationship between breath and spirituality in the Hebrew Bible.

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Quotes about Breath of Life:

“What a lyrical way to understand Judaism!  Rabbi Timoner has written nothing less than a guide to finding God in the world and in our lives, using the books of the Hebrew Bible and their rabbinic  expansion as the signposts on the journey.  She inspires us to listen to God’s spirit speaking through those texts and through us, and to actualize that spirit through the tiny revelations of everyday and through the monstrous challenges of a world gasping for the life-giving breath of the Holy One.  Rabbi Timoner’s uplifting prose evokes the style of Abraham Joshua Heschel.  She too is at home in both traditional and philosophical texts, to which she brings great clarity, and is a passionate advocate of the kind of actions that can make God’s oneness a reality.  This is a unique kind of introduction to Judaism, which Rabbi Timoner sees as a religion of awe and holiness, multi-layered truth, and a pathway to the redemption of the world.”

Rabbi Richard Levy
Immediate Past Director of the School of Rabbinic Studies, Hebrew Union College
Rabbi of the Campus Synagogue and Director of Spiritual Growth

“Rabbi Timoner has accomplished a remarkable feat: introducing the world of the spirit in a few compelling and conversational pages. With a deft hand, she unveils the mysteries of God’s spirit in the Jewish Bible.  She gathers voices other than her own, from the great medieval thinker, Maimonides, to Albert Einstein, as she leads us to the spirit and its potential to rejuvenate our lives. Any reader keen to cultivate a robust spirituality should read this little book. Jews and Christians may discover here something to talk about—scriptures we share and a quality of God we have in common.”

John R. (Jack) Levison
Author of Filled with the Spirit (Eerdmans, 2009)
Professor of New Testament, Seattle Pacific University